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Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

this is a picture of the sagano bamboo forest

There are many beautiful places in Japan; one of them is the Sagano Bamboo Forest. When you travel through Japan, you cannot miss this area, because the Ministry of the Environment called it « the most beautiful soundscape area. » Enter inside this world provide one of the best experience of breathtaking in Japan.

Little story of Japanese Tradition

Located from 30mn at the Eastern place of Kyoto city, this place was known since the Heian Period (795-1185), and most of the noble class came to travel at. Visitors enjoy local food, follow traditions such as drinking tea, eating tasty food and spend the marvelous time of fall color season. Today, this place is still famous because of the Japanese superstition and beliefs which consider bamboo as a symbol of strength and protection against the devil. That’s why many Shinto shrines and Buddhist Temple have built near the area. In addition, it is an ideal place for a monk to meditate, rehearse martial art and embrace nature.

Why you should visit Sagano Bamboo Forest

Sagano bamboo forest is one of the Japan tourism leisure and a kind of eco-touristic package. When visiting this place, its offer unique experience in the world, such as walking inside giant bamboo from another planet. This place offers a natural beauty and visitors can listen to the melody of nature like rustling, creaking and swaying of wood. Taking a picture and take a walk at the center of the forest seemed a dream that even sunlight is filtering through the wood. The air is pure, the wind to relax your soul and people are very welcoming. Actually, it is one of the desired destinations for natives and foreigners which love the beauty of nature.

A Local Attraction

Arashiyama District is a beautiful place offering a range of local attraction. Sagano forest is the first located at the center of the town below the mountain and near the Hozu River. The visitors can also take a tour around to visit Tenryuji Temple, the famous Okochi-Sanso villa, a tea hut, and a museum dedicated to the life of movie japan star Denjiro Okochi. Moreover, you can rent a bicycle to take a short trip around the village, enjoy canoe navigating and take a rickshaw ride. Additional fees are proposed to foreigners’ wishes to spend more time in the district. Before you leave the town, try to buy some souvenirs of a local store, Mingei Teika, which selling bamboo made articles as a present or just to remember the soundscape place in your home country.

this is a picture of an attraction near sagano bamboo forest


Japanese people are a kind of ethnic who like preserve traditional culture, sometimes mixed natural to the modern way and love living inside nature as Sagano Bamboo Forest place. This area offers endemic attractively and local people are very welcoming. Until now, the number of the visitors increases year after year. Finally, access to the forest is free but you just need to respect property, respect clean and respect Japanese regulations


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