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Traveling to Brazilian Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon in is the biggest rain forest in the world, covering at least a half of Brazil. Considering the fact how large it is, if you want to visit the Amazon you can choose from many different destinations, depending what you want to see. You must be aware that visiting the Brazilian Amazon means you have to spend most of your time on the waterway of the river Amazon.

Plan your trip to Amazon  

Before you decide to travel to Brazilian Amazon you need to plan your trip and consider all the things that Amazon can offer you. To get a sense of the natural beauties Amazon offers you, research the rain forest through documentaries or images and videos online, but know that nothing can compare with the amazing experience you will get in person.  Consider the best time of the year for visiting this huge rain forest, decide what do you want to visit and the things you want to do when you get there.

this is a picture of the brazillian amazon

Reasons Why You Should Visit the Brazilian Amazon

There are many reasons for choosing the Brazilian Amazon as a travel destination. Everyone needs at least once in their lives to see the beauties of the Amazon and experience the uniqueness of the largest rain forest on the Earth.

The best reasons for choosing Amazon as a traveling destination:

  • If you love animals in Amazon you can see many different types mammals, fish and bird species free in their natural habitat.
  • If you want to get the whole Amazon experience and learning while traveling, local guides can help you not to miss any part of the Amazon breathtaking rain forest.
  • You can about Amazon culture and people by visiting the locals that live on the riverside.
  • The sunsets in Amazon are hard to describe but are one of the best reasons to feel the beauty of this place.
  • If you want to escape the noisy world, enjoy the peace and quiet of this unique and gorgeous place.
  • You can go canoeing and explore the beauties of the Amazon creeks.
  • Except enjoying the natural beauty of this place, you will definitely enjoy the Amazon food, the tasty fish, especially the tambaqui and their typical Amazon fruits.

What can you do in Amazon

brazillian amazon activities

Depending on your reasons for visiting the Brazilian Amazon there are plenty things for you to do and explore while you are there. You can go on a jungle tour exploring the rain forest and their unique beauties; you can cruise along the amazing Amazon River or simply enjoy the beach.

Take a jungle tour and explore the rain forest, choosing the part of the Amazon forest where you can see animals like monkeys, parrots, tamarins. Also, you can try to go night hiking to experience another side of the Brazilian Amazon.

Cruise along the Amazon River and see the depth of the rain forest, villages along the river, many primates and various fish species and even jungle walks.

You can also choose to see the ‘’Land of waterfalls’’, with unexplainable and breathtaking beautiful vegetation, cascading falls and caves for exploring.

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