Oct 05

Visiting Borneo Rainforest

For those who seek an adventure, adrenaline pumps, a completely new experience, then the Borneo Rainforest is definitely the right choice.

this is a picture of the borneo rain forest


The Borneo Rainforest is located in Malaysia, right in the Danum Valley in Sabah on the Asian continent. All of the land that stretches through Borneo’s Rainforest is protected and secured by law. That also includes the animals that live through it, especially the orangutans. Many people who are interested to visit this Rainforest are not quite sure how to get there. There are more possible ways to get to Borneo’s Rainforest. This can be done by booking a flight, and then for the rest of the road the visitors must use a transportation vehicle.  Some of those options are using a bus or a taxi. The driving hours to get to the location may vary. That all depends due to the vehicle and the weather conditions.


Visiting the Borneo Rainforest has to be one of the greatest experiences a man can be part of. One of the main purposes, why most people are going through the trails of this Rainforest, is the animal species that inhabit the land. There are many different animal species.  Most of them are monkeys, orangutans, and elephants, various species of birds, tigers and different types of reptiles. All of them make the rainforest an unforgettable destination to visit which offers a one in a lifetime experience. The Borneo Rainforest is placed into the top 3 biggest islands worldwide. This is due to the large square meters that the land of the Rainforest has which is proven by statistics. Another interesting fact why this forest is so visited is because of its large number of the plant species.

this is an image of the borneo rain forest

There are more than fifty thousand different species which makes the forest even more beautiful for the nature loving visitors. The main trails of the rainforest are surrounded by tall trees and plants. While hiking, many of the animals can be spotted which is an excellent experience for the visitors? As for the sleeping and resting part, there are specially build accommodations that give the visitors quite relaxing and peaceful feeling.  The main advantage is the full view of the rainforest while resting Beautiful.

Climate Changes

Borneo’s rainforest goes through different weather changes during the year. Still, these changes do not affect the species that are inhabited all over the land of the Rainforest. Surprisingly, the climate difference between winter and summer in Borneo’s rainforest isn’t that big enough. The difference between this two weather conditions is just a couple of degrees with a lot of sun. This allows all of the species in the Borneo’s rainforest to survive.

This goes not just for the animals, but for the plants too who can create the process of photosynthesis through the sunshine.

Other Facts

One of the main problems that are a big concern about the land and mainly the Rainforest is that every year a large amount of the natural beauty is being destroyed. There seems to be no solution to this problem whatsoever. This is why the species of the Borneo’s Rainforest orangutan is considered as endangered.

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