Aug 30

Travel and Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica

this is a picture of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, you should definitely go and visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. One of the most famous cloud forests in the world. Monteverde meaning ‘’Green Mountain’’ is a green oasis of breathtaking cloud forests, making this reserve one of the best things Costa Rica has to offer you. Explore the diversity this forest reserve has to offer you and enjoy the beauties of this unique cloud forest. Research about the rareness of this place and book your trip to enjoy the best Costa Rica has to offer you. You should definitely not miss this kind exploring.

Explore Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This is a Costa Rican reserve located near the town Monteverde. Containing more the 10 thousand hectares of cloud forests in 6 different ecological zones and with a high level of biodiversity, many different plants, mammals, bird species, hundreds of reptilians and insects

The reserve contains one of the richest flora lives between flora species. One of the main characteristics is that the forest reserve has the largest orchid’s number in the whole world.

With more than hundred different species of reptiles and amphibians, you can also see many migratory birds, mammals from North and South America, which are endemic species.


Monteverde Tours

Entertaining and educational tours will help you get the best experience while visiting the resort. You can get a walking tour through the resort exploring plans, animals, enjoying the tropical smell and sound of the birds.

Feel the sky walk and go through the high and breathtaking bridges through trails that could give you the rare ecosystem of this reserve. Or, choose to fly over the clouds with the sky trek tour.

this is an image of the sky trek tour in Monteverde Forest Cloud resort in Costa Rica

You can also choose a canopy tour that is going in the middle of the forests for a whole different reserve experience. Go bird watching with the horseback riding tour. You can also get night tours to see the night forest beauties of this reserve.


Things for You To Do

Containing more than hundred different and rare species of birds, plants, and mammals you can choose to see unique natural beauties and animals that the resorts have to offer you.

One of the most interesting you can do while visiting this resort is to experience bird watching. If you are a natural traveler and appreciate the unique beauty you can explore birds hiding deeply in the forest among the thick big trees. The Quetzal bird it can only be found in the cloud forests known as a rare bird with colorful feathers and it’s very challenging to find her. You might have the luck to see the uniqueness of this bird while visiting the resort.

You can also get walks to explore the special and one of a kind beauty of the Monteverde resort by going on tours, hiking, trekking, and canoeing.


Once you are in Costa Rica, you visit and explore this wonder of a place. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.


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